Demystifying Press-Fit

Friday 6th August 2021, 12:39


From new build to refurbishment projects, Geberit Mapress provides a specialist solution for all applications.This trusted, reliable pipe-pressing system offers speed, safety and cost-efficiency with easy installation across a wide range of materials.

Why Geberit Mapress?

Traditional jointing methods can be cumbersome and difficult to implement, and in many cases simply unsuitable and impractical for the job at hand. Of course, many installers still use solder and screwed pipe - 'because they always have'.

However, the requirement for hot works is often an inconvenience at best, and an impossibility in some cases. For example, site conditions or safety regulations can mean that hot works may simply be unsuitable for the job at hand.

In contrast, press-fit systems such as Geberit Mapress can deliver a host of installation benefits,with no hot works and no cooling down period. The press fit installation system offers a much faster and safer alternative to conventional pipework connection methods. It's not just about safety.Another important consideration for installers is that of increasing health and safety legislation; hot works require propane and, therefore, a hot relevant permit.

It's also important to consider installers that remain steadfast in their belief that a soldered joint is the only variation of a reliable joint. Merchants should therefore clarify the dependability of a press fit system such as Geberit Mapress, which has a simple methodology, ensuring a long-lasting and solid connection when marked up and pressed correctly.

There is also no need for lubrication and joints will leak until pressed to show incomplete pressing during pressure testing.

A growing trend

When we consider just what press fit systems have to offer, it's no surprise that they are seeing a surge in growth. Clean, reliable,easy to use – the technology can really improve efficiency and productivity for installers. With product development constantly evolving, those forward-thinking installers should always be on the lookout for more innovative and cost-effective ways of working.

However, merchants more than ever, should be prepared to answer questions about the tools required. They should also be ready to suggest ways the cost of new equipment can be mitigated, as well as to provide information on the maintenance and calibration requirements to make sure those tools remain in good condition.

A win-win

So, what does all this mean for merchants? It's simple - Always be open to suggesting the more innovative and effective products and systems that can help speed up working practices and improve efficiency for the installer. Time is a precious commodity and it is only natural that working smarter can increase profit all-round. Keep an open mind and a keen eye out for simpler ways of working.

Pressing productivity

With press fit installation systems, leading manufacturers will also offer a series of product innovations. This includes coloured pressing indicators which offer easy identification of both material and unpressed joints during the installation process, reducing flushing time and making for a much cleaner installation process.

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