Friday 6th August 2021, 14:52

Why order online?

1 - See the prices you pay at a glance - View your buying price, manufacturer list price and discount in one.

2 - Check up-to-date stock levels - See live stock levels from your local branch

3 - Place an order after 5pm - Using the website to place orders allows you to do so at a time that suits you.

4 - Invoice to Inbox - Review your order instantly with order confirmation emails sent as soon as you place the order online' This allows you to easily keep track of not just what you have ordered, but how many and the value of your order.

5 - Enhanced product details - From manufacturer guarantees, features and benefits. The website holds a wealth of product information and technical detail, so you can answer customer questions easier and find the right product for their project.

                                                                                                                                   Click here to see for yourself

So why Order online?

Why wouldn't you?

Really all you need is your Primaflow F&P account code, the rest is an email address and your personal information. If you've never used the site before, registering is easy, and you could be up and running the next day.