Monument 15PC automatic cutter 15mm
Stock Code: 55010003

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Manufacturer Stock Code15PC
Diameter15 mm
Stock Code Description View Product
55010003 Monument 15PC automatic cutter 15mm
55010006 Monument 22PC automatic cutter 22mm
55010019 Monument W15PC spare cut wheel for PC 15/22mm
55010026 Monument 265B Size 1 cutter 4 - 28mm
55010032 Monument 300M auto adjust cutter 15/22mm
55010044 Monument 273A spare cutter wheel
55010048 Monument 301P spare cut wheel for 300M
55010052 Monument 1715C Autocut tube cutter 15mm
55010054 Monument 1722C Autocut tube cutter 22mm
55010058 Monument 269N spare wheel for Autocut